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The Brown Beauty is ingredient focused.

This means that we strive to select ingredients from all corners of the globe that showcase the hair care traditions of minority women. We continue to research of natural ingredients used by many cultures, professionals and feedback from you! We love to educate and empower ourselves to take care of our hair in and out of the salon chair to maximize our healthy hair goals. The Brown Beauty provides multi-purpose products that allow you to mix and match and not always play exactly by the label! We know we are a community of a multitude of textures, so how you use a product is just as important as the products we use.

Testominals & Reviews

“Brown Beauty’s Seal the Deal Hair Oil Elixir is a must to repair damaged hair. Noticeable growth in a matter of weeks for myself & my son!! Works on all hair textures and ethnicities!” 

- Valued Customer

Testominals & Reviews

“I just want to tell you those drops have changed and restored my sons hair! It’s unreal. Thank you!” 

- Raquel

Testominals & Reviews

" Three months later my hair has already grown back and has gotten thicker. Oh and my edges are back!!!! Im so thankful! I’ve recently just ordered and received my second bottle of oil and I’m proud to say I will be a customer until the end of time lol. Her oil works miracles! Thanks boo."

- Tiara

Seal the Deal Elixir gets 5 stars

I always come back to this oil because it provides my scalp a relief from dryness. I like to hydrate my scalp then use oil for more strength and moisture. Ive also used this oil before detangling session in the shower, which really helps with my dry scalp and removing knots I find. I also love the way it smells. It's automatically soothing and I don't get any buildup from it. Like I said earlier, I'm constantly repurchasing. My favorite product so far.

Hanna Osman


I purchased the moisture mask separate from the seal the deal elixir. Yesterday was the first time using as a dual. I love them both, my hair was soft, moisturized and more manageable. Totally stimulating for your scalp.

Wendy C

The Brown Beauty is on a journey to welcome women of color...