1. What is Seal the Deal?
    Seal the Deal is an all in one treatment that promotes healthy scalp and hair health. It is not formulated just for growth or specific areas. This oil can be utilized throughout the hair from roots to ends!

  2. How soon can I see results?
    Everyone’s hair is different! Very cliche sounding but factual. Follicle healing, amount of follicles (responsible for the density), and growth speed are partly genetic. This oil is to aid in giving your scalp and current hair the best environment to prosper in. (Most clients see results within two weeks to a month. Results may be sporadic and may not be symmetrical throughout the head due to every follicle and strand of hair being in a different phase of life than another)

  3. What makes Seal the Deal so different than other oils?
    This oil is naturally derived with over 20 different ingredients to cover your basics! You do not need oil solely for smoothing, detangling, softening, strengthening, and nourishing. This oil does all this in one!!! Also, the ingredient quality is heightened by making this oil more concentrated. Seal the Deal is made in small batches versus large factory sized bowls where key ingredients can be stretched out over a larger volume of product. Keeping the batches small allows repeated pouring of key ingredients ensuring each bottle gets an as good amount of love! It has been formulated also with a botanical blend of oils usually not found in your average beauty supply letting your hair be exposed to more of nature’s goodness.

  4. What is the best way to use this oil?
    Two very popular ways are adding it to your favorite deep conditioner and applying from roots to ends for at least 25 minutes or applying as needed directly to the scalp.

  5. How long should one bottle last me? 
    (Depends largely on the thickness of hair, length, and porosity) If you are using our four-ounce it should last you at least a month. 2 oz bottle 2-3 weeks.

  6. Is The Brown Beauty only for minorities?
    No, we pride ourselves on thinking of curls in general when we create our products but we wanted to create a line where women of color could feel a sense of community at Brown Beauty where they can find products that focus on the needs of ethnic curls especially!

  7. What order should I use the products in?
    All products come with directions and our social media platforms come with tips and tricks on how to get the most from your products. We prefer to keep the usage more fluid than other lines, meaning we want you to explore the many ways our products can be used! Often with curly products, the way and order you use the products can work for one person and not the next! But with The Brown Beauty, we can provide great products that can be used by many women in many different ways

  8. Why are all sales final?
    Brown Beauty prides itself on not reselling anything that has been returned at this time. This means if we accepted a return we would have to discard the product. (Does not include damaged or defective items) To keep loss low and prices affordable we encourage a thorough look into our policies, ingredients, and reviews before purchasing.