About Us

Hey beauties! Thank you and Welcome to Brown Beauty where we believe in helping our customers understand and manage their hair one crown at a time! Brown Beauty came to life summer of 2019 BUT this was along waited dream of mine for many moons. I'm La Terra Stevenson born and raised in the city of roses also known as Portland, Oregon.

I am a licensed cosmetologist and lover of all things curls! I have been natural for 8 years and counting. I came across the knowledge of making my very own products through trial and error. In beauty school I used to make a whipped shea butter and sell it in any container I can find that was suitable to transport my products. I was fascinated with helping overly processed bleach hair.

I began selling my butter to blondes primarily that had alittle too much fun with chemicals and it was received very positively. From beauty school back in 2015 till now I took a few years to figure out if I wanted to execute my ideas at a major haircare company I was working for by climbing the corporate ladder or take matters into my own hands. I chose to never allow any of my creative ideas to be overshadowed and I stepped out on faith. Using my older sister who recently lost all her edges due to a internal imbalance, I began to monitor my first product. Seeing so much progress encouraged me to get back into the game and finally make my recipes the worlds reality!!! Thus Birthed our beloved Brown Beauty where melanated beauty and ALL beauty alike can feel confident in their crown!